I am looking on taking an extended road trip, where one of the areas that I will be hitting is Mendocino, California. I would like to try and visit a number of bed and breakfasts during my travels so that I can write some reviews and blog posts for my website. Are there any good bed and breakfasts in Mendocino, California or the surrounding area that are worth putting on my reservation list?

It will just be me, with a friend of mine that may visit me part way during the trip. I have actually never stayed in a bed and breakfast, so if all goes well and I like it as much as I think I will, this is a regular thing that I would like to do so that I can fill my website with great reviews that are helpful to readers. I have always put up a number of travel and accommodation posts, but I think that going a bit off of the beaten path is a good way to go. I have heard some great things so far about both the Little River Inn and the Glendeven Inn, so those are two that I am thinking of starting with.