I am headed to California for my sister’s wedding and I need somewhere to stay. While most people like the idea of staying at a hotel, I prefer the quaintness of bed and breakfast locations. The only problem is finding on that has all of the amenities that I like. I remember finding a really nice one before and everything was perfect, except for the fact that they only had twin beds. I was traveling with my husband, so you can imagine how much of a rough time we had trying to get comfortable.

This time I am going to be a little smarter when it comes to choosing the place that I want to stay at. I am going to look at pictures online that were posted by people who actually stayed there instead of only focusing on those that were offered by the owner of the property in question. This should give me a much better idea of what can be expected. It will also increase the chances that I will end up staying at a place that is nice, and not one that will make me feel like I got ripped off.